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Work created as a demo artist at New York Comic Con.

Drew live for Graphixly [Wacom & Clip Studio Paint] at Wacom's booth on Oct 6th and 7th, 2022.

Editorial Work for Lucky Jefferson

Editorial Illustrations for the Literary Journal Lucky Jefferson, (luckyjefferson.com).

Personal Work


Sketches and practice studies.

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"I'm Always Here" - 2021

Short snippet from comic "I'm Always Here".

"Obstruction" - 2021

Page from "Obstruction", a comic about not being able to sleep at night.


2021 Illustrations, Coptic Bookbinding. 2021.

Road Trip Letters, Coptic Bookbinding. 2021.

Late Nights, Wearable Book. 2021.

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All drawings were made in Photoshop, animated in After Effects, and composited in Premiere Pro.

Concept Art

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Lost Home, Diorama. March 12, 2020.

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UI/ UX Design


Prototype for the art networking website, Muse. I wanted to create an app that allows people to upload their portfolios all in one place and an app that has a social media aspect to it by allowing users to follow their favorite portfolios or artists. This app would be for professional development for artists, allowing them to create a professional-looking portfolio and resume.Please click through.


Prototype for the indie book app, Pageable. I wanted to create a book app that had a huge social media aspect to it, like AO3 meets Twitter. This app would allow people to support their favorite indie author, rate books, post spoilers with spoiler warnings, and create communities for their favorite authors or titles.Please click through.

Techne +

Prototype for the art learning app, "Techne +". For this project I decided to create a free art learning app that is like Schoolism and Skillshare. I decided to name it Techne+. I chose to create screens I thought were relevant to what an educational app would entail. I included an Instructor Profile page, that includes all the courses the instructor teaches along with a link to the instructor’s portfolio so students can see what kind of work the instructor does in the industry teach in. I also thought it was important to show student works so students can see what their peers are creating and what their peers were creating from taking the instructor’s courses specifically.For the Home page, I decided to put a carousel at the top to show a variety of trending courses, and I divided the first courses the user sees by Daily Course Recommendations and New Courses that are offered. On the Search page, the user can see all types of courses offered by type of art and they can see trending blog posts as well. I thought it was important to add blog posts to my art learning app because a lot of artists love giving out tips and mini-tutorials on sites like Twitter and Gumroad so I thought it would be useful for users to have their own blogs in which they talk about their process, their projects, their art journeys, etc. I also thought it would be fun if the navigation bar used the image in the blog post as well. Since blog posts can be deleted, I also included a 404 page. Because this is an art learning website, I also included a video screen. One can subscribe to the course by clicking on the plus icon and one can see all videos in that course as well.Please click through.

Web Design

Wireframe for personal portfolio website. I wanted to create a portfolio site that had all my work listed on one page the user could scroll through and seperate pages for the series of work I create. Please click through.

Logo Design


Logo designs for the 3D video game, "GameBusters". Utilized Adobe Illustrator's 3D and Materials panel. I was able to export the 3D objects made in Illustrator as an .OBJ file to import it as an asset in MAYA and Unity.

Trenton Eats & Shop Local Trenton

Logo designs, font choice, and color palette design for Trenton Eats which was a social media campaign to get more locals to visit, eat, and shop locally at Trenton. Trenton is known for its old-time vibes, amazing and diverse food, art scene, and culture and I wanted to create several logo prototypes to incorporate the many aspects of Trenton like the "Trenton Makes the World Takes" bridge, the colorful artwork spread throughout the capital of New Jersey, and the architecture one can see when visiting.

Sarnoff Collection

Photography, photo editing, and social media posts created for the Sarnoff Collection, a small museum dedicated to early communications technology throughout the 20th century. I utilized Photoshop to edit the photography I took of different artifacts in the collection. I edited the photos depending on what time period the artifacts were manufactured in. For example with the SelectaVision VideoDisc players, I edited it to mimic the lines one would see when playing one of these discs on a TV. SelectaVision Videodisc players were RCA's last hope in revitalizing their company and it was overtaken by VHS and eventually DVDs.

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About me

Hello! I'm CJ!I am an artist based in the New York Metropolitan Area. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a minor in Interactive Multimedia. My schooling has allowed me to become a jack of all trades, letting me learn skills from UI/UX and web design to video editing and bookmaking.What I'm really passionate about is creating narratives and storytelling through my art. For my personal work, I deal with explorations of journey and identity in a collection of self-portraits that I have been developing throughout the last four years. I work with storytelling in my art to portray the struggles of growing up, family, identity, and my childhood dreams.Previously, I was working as a Digital Studio Intern working in the production department in children's books at the publishing company, HarperCollins. I was busy cleaning pages of a to-be-published graphic novel utilizing my handy Photoshop skills. And before that, I was working as an assistant for a small museum collection working alongside a surfer-guy-like curator and physicist who loved making jokes I couldn't quite comprehend but was super enthusiastic about teaching me about a ton of things I didn't know. I was busy using my photography skills, taking pictures of major communications technologies made throughout the 20th century such as videodiscs, vacuum tubes, and CRTs. Currently, I am working as Production Artist at Prudent Publishing, tediously recreating/ and reworking client logos in Illustrator and working at the speed of light typesetting greeting cards.I enjoy hiking, playing indie games, book collecting, and museum hopping in my free time. Thank you for checking out my work!

Email: [email protected]


For work inquires, please email me at [email protected].

CJ Han | Resume

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BFA Senior Solo Exhibition | Breathe

Art and Interactive Multimedia Building - Student Gallery 111
November 3rd - November 14th, 2021.
Opening Reception November 3rd, 5:00 PM - 7:00M PM


Breathe is a collection of surreal illustrations and projections. My work for the past few years has been revolving around the theme of journey and identity. I have been working on a collection of self-portraits and narratives that are all connected with each other, a series of self-portraits that are allegories of my life.I create stories to show how I feel inside and make art as an organizational tool to reflect on my life. When starting a piece, I don’t create a fully fleshed-out plan of what everything fully means. In actuality, I find meaning in my art after I complete it. It’s like deciphering a dream or reading tea leaves, trying to make sense of random bits and pieces my hand just automatically puts on my work. When I create something and I observe it after I finish, all my thoughts come together. Everything starts to make a little bit of sense.When viewing my work, I try to unpack my life, to see hidden meanings of my subconscious. To make sense of what I am really wanting or thinking about. I try to understand myself a bit better. Sometimes I don’t have the right words to express how I feel, so instead, I draw it.I work with narratives and storytelling to portray the struggle of growing up, the monotony of life, family, my regrets and uncertainties, and childhood dreams. At this point in my life, I am quite uncertain about what the future holds, so I show myself waiting. Waiting for something to happen. Or traveling. Traveling through time and trying to find myself.

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2022 BFA Senior Thesis Group Exhibition ANTHOLOGY - Welcome to Hopesville

TCNJ Art Gallery, TCNJ
April 25th - May 20th, 2022.
Opening Reception May 1st, 12:00 PM - 3:00M PM

Welcome to Hopesville

Welcome to Hopesville is a series of short animations and illustrations following the narrative of a child trying to navigate and find their own space in an unfamiliar world. The child sets foot on a journey to the utopic land of Hopesville and they pass through a surreal landscape of strange people. Derived from a series of self-portraits and paintings that Han has been developing throughout the last four years, Welcome to Hopesville marks the end of a journey.

Artist StatementI like creating narratives with my art, storytelling has been important to me since I’ve been able to hold a pencil. My friends were mostly adventure and fantasy novels when I was a child, and I would usually daydream of lives I wish I could have had. From an early age, I realized I have a lot to say but not the words to say them. Words trip me up, always having to be careful with what I am saying. Managing my tone of voice, my word choice. It is all so difficult to keep track of and maintain appearances. I needed an outlet to vent the feelings I have inside so in a way art is like therapy and a safe space. I do not create artwork for other people, my artwork is more for me. With art, I don’t feel like I have to explain myself. The viewer can make their own meaning from viewing my work. My work to them will mean something different from what my work means to me. But overall, my work deals with the themes of growing up, the sense of self, and the American Dream.Since I was a young child, I’ve been drilled by my parents about what it means to be successful. I think this is somewhat of a universal experience for most children who grew up in an immigrant household. Society told me if I worked hard and followed the rules I will succeed. But watching life pass by, this is not the case. First-generation immigrants have it hard, sacrificing their dreams so their children could have a better life. And this pressure of this sacrifice weighs heavily on my shoulders.The path I am on now is quite different from what my parents wanted of me. My father stressed that I should work in a government job so I would have stability in my life. But those dreams are at the back of my mind. I think my parents realized their dreams are not my dreams, and now all they want is for me to live a stable life and that I don't struggle as they have struggled.Work is what fulfills our species' essence, I want a life that allows me to live and be creative. I think I have been only living through my art and chasing dreams. Trying to grasp onto something and desperately wanting something more. I have always been considered different and out of the norm. I will just find my own way to be happy and be my own definition of success. Sometimes it’s hard to see how much I have grown and sometimes I think I am not making any progress, but by reworking and reinventing my previous pieces, I can see change.

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